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Deeds of Exalts

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Morani's appearance [Sep. 21st, 2007|12:25 am]
Deeds of Exalts
Morani is short and slim. She wears her ashy-blonde hair in dreads that stick out at angles to her scalp. (when she first Exalted and went on the run, she dreaded her hair to make it easier to keep out of the way)

Her clothes are functional and well broken in. She wears flat, knee high leather boots, the leather worn butter soft over time. She sports calf length wide legged pants and a calf length tunic that is split in front and back for riding. Her clothes are a mix of muted shades, better to not stand out from a crowd.
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Morani's story. [Sep. 21st, 2007|12:22 am]
Deeds of Exalts
Morani was the youngest daughter of a successful travelling merchant. Having married off his older daughters, and with the death of his wife in childbed, her father doted on Morani and could refuse her nothing. So he taught her to read and write and brought her to the libraries.

In another world and given a different set of body parts, Morani would have been thought of as a Renaissance man. She was obsessed with learning, be it how to craft wood and metal from her father's suppliers, archery, the basics of herbalism and healing, calligraphy or studying the Old Tongue.

On her sixteenth birthday, Morani's father gave her a horse and told her to pack her bags. He had decided to bring her on a business trip. Morani couldn't believe her luck - until she noticed the saddle sores. Travelling great distances leaves little room for luxury, and Morani rapidly discovered that a business trip meant no slacking off, especially for the bosses daughter. She slowly grew to enjoy life on the road, not least for how close she grew to her father. He taught her how to make contacts in the towns they passed through, and began to let her wander off to do so unsupervised. He also helped her to build up enough resources to do so easily.

Morani could have happily lived like this for the rest of her days, trading and returning to build up supplies and then travelling to far-off cities to sell and to buy. Her quiet demeanour was making things a little more difficult than perhaps they could have been, but at least it helped her to escape much attention. It was this quiet bearing that perhaps saved her life.

On the return journey of a particularly successful trip, the convoy Morani and her father had joined was attacked as they made camp. Hearing screams as she tended to their horses, Morani watched from behind a wagon as howling savages, armed to the tips of each hair (or so it seemed) slashed at the guards hired to protect the traders.

A panicked fog clouded Morani's brain until she heard her father scream. A flood of rage and something..... else.... memories, strength, an immense feeling of power swept through her and with a speed she didn't know was even possible, she had strung a bow and started shooting. She couldn't miss. Within five minutes the raiders who hadn't been killed by her or the surviving guards, had fled.

Morani ran to her father, to find him wounded. She explained as she treated his injury, what had happened, the amazing changes that had suddenly taken place within her. He paled. "You know the Dragon Bloods rule here. You need to run, quickly. Take my horse, take all the money you can carry, but you need to get out of here as soon as you can. Keep out of the cities until you can escape their notice. Goodbye, my dear girl"

Morani didn't need to be told twice. For months she rode alone, grieving for the loss of her family and wondering at all that had happened and all she could now do. She practiced her new abilities and crafted the most wonderful pieces, but still stayed alone until one day, she fell in with a group of Exalts. People like her. She was delighted, and grateful not to be left alone any more.

Now, she devotes her time to working on tools and weapons, on doing all she can to help her circle, and wondering at the regrets she has for things she can't remember. She's trying to make up for something, but what? These thoughts are usually put to the side by more pressing needs, but so plague her dreams that she is sometimes reluctant to sleep. She likes her circle mates, and trusts them. But yet she never uses her family name, hasn't done so in 4 years.
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{Background} Essica Nightwalker [Sep. 3rd, 2007|03:16 pm]
Deeds of Exalts


Essica Nightwalker was born to humble city folk just over twenty years ago.  She watched them struggle hard for every coin they had, getting up before dawn and making pastries and dough, cooking and cleaning before spending long days serving ungrateful martyrs in the shop.  They toiled and laboured all day long for very little reward and no thanks.  Essica found herself vowing that she would never end up working such a dead end job.  Little did she know that it was about to get worse.

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